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Charfield School

Protected Characteristics

At Charfield Primary we work hard to ensure that our children understand:

  • There are no outsiders at Charfield - everyone is welcome
  • Not everyone is the same but we are all equal
  • We celebrate differences - everyone is unique


The Equality Act became law in 2010. It protects the rights of individuals and ensures equality of opportunity for all.  Specifically, it identifies protected characteristics which are aspects of a person’s identity that are protected by law from discrimination. There are nine protected characteristics:


In Charfield Primary protected characteristics, along with British values, are taught within our curriculum through a lens of showing respect for others and celebrating our differences. This includes (but is not limited to) through our:

  • assemblies and whole school events,
  • inclusive curriculum including the texts selected and shared,
  • celebration and observance of awareness days/weeks,

Please note - we do not teach about all the protected characteristics in every year group. Everything is done in an age-appropriate way, and within the guidance from the DfE, to ensure that we help our children to understand the world they are growing up in and how to live alongside, and show respect for, a diverse range of people.

We do not tolerate discrimination of any type and any incidents are dealt with in line with the behaviour policy.

 More information about protected characteristics can be found here:

Equality & Human Rights Commission

Or here: Children’s Alliance for England