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"Castle School Education Trust is committed to high quality education across the primary, secondary and sixth form key stages. Our schools cover the South Gloucestershire area. We encourage independence within each school within a strong framework of values."

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Charfield School


The Governing Body has a statutory responsibility to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the school and its curriculum.

The responsibilities of the governing body can be summarised as providing strategic management, providing support and challenge and ensuring accountability.

The day-to-day management of the school is the responsibility of the Headteacher.   As Charfield is an Academy, the Governing Body is accountable to the Board of the Castle School Educational Trust Board (CSET). 

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Promoting, monitoring and evaluating the standards of education and achievement
  • Planning the school's long-term future in conjunction with CSET
  • Setting the school's aims and values
  • Budgetary allocation and monitoring

Who are the Governors at Charfield?

Pauline Dixon


 CSET/Community Governor

Pete Barnes

 Deputy Chair

 Parent Governor

Hilary Eade

 CSET/Community Governor

Thomas Galsworthy

 Staff Governor

Nicola Johnstone

 Parent Governor

Sarah Norton

  CSET/Community Governor

Andrew Parsons

 Parent Governor

Hannah Tebbutt

 CSET/Community Governor

Theresa Jeanes


Melanie Willcox

 Head Teacher

Lara Scannell

 Deputy Head Teacher

Governor Information

Name Governor Category Link Responsibility Office Expiry Pecuniary, Business or Material Interests Appointed by Other Governor Roles Attendance Record
Pauline Dixon



Safeguarding 19/11/21 None LGC/Board

Chair of Governors


Chair of Governors at Cherry Garden Primary school

Governor at Raysfield Federation.

Peter Barnes

Vice chair




13/10/23 None LGC/Board
Hilary Eade Co-opted


Vulnerable groups

01/06/23 None LGC/Board
Tom Galsworthy Staff 15/09/20 None Staff
Nicola Johnstone Parent



24/09/22 None Parents
Sarah Norton Co-opted


Vulnerable groups

28/01/23 None LA
Andrew Parsons Parent



24/09/22 None Parents
Hannah Tebbutt Co-opted EYFS 02/09/22 None LGC/Board
Melanie Willcox Staff Headteacher N/A None Ex-officio None
Lara Scannell Staff Deputy Headteacher N/A None Ex-officio None